What Is Ready4LearningClub?

Ready4LearningClub (R4LC) is an emotional resilience backpack. R4LC shows learners how to use writing and music creation as strategic tools to walk through hard times, hard times like now.

Just like school backpacks carry necessary physical tools for learning – like pencils, paper, laptops and smart phones; the R4LC ‘backpack for your mind’ uses writing and music creation to create tools to manage daily mental hygiene and emotional trauma.

Hey Kids!

Hey Kids! If you learn how to use 4 strategies to get to know the 3 most important things about yourself; guess what?

You have all you need to create the life you want.

LEARN 4 Strategies:
  1. How to tell the difference between what is true and what is false.
  2. How to speak truth to power.
  3. How to release toxic experiences from your spirit.
  4. How to use art as a tool of resilience.
KNOW 3 Things:
  1. Know what your life mission is and how you can make it happen.
  2. Know that you will never give up.
  3. Know that you are not alone.

So, how do you get started with Learn 4 / Know 3?
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To hear more music by R4LC, visit our YouTube channel.

Our Products

This Was In My Head, Vol. 2
This Was In My Head, Vol. 2

This 5-song EP is growing into a 14-song full length album, with a projected release date of October 1, 2020. Because of the quarantine, our pace of completing this slowed down, like everything else in the world, but we will be adding more songs to Vol. 2, until we are complete in October.

What is this EP about? It's been 15 years since Ready4LearningClub released our first musical toolkit for elementary students looking to create their own hope and resilience through creating original songs. This album is checking back with those children who are now adults, some with children of their own. Volume 2 asks questions musically - Have the tools been working for them the way we promised on Volume 1? Are they getting the lives they wanted? How were they managing the hard times before the really bad hard times rolled in this year? Do they have what they need to survive? Do their children? How can they tell what's true and what's false; and what's that based on?

This Was In My Head, Vol. 1
This Was in My Head CD

Ready4LearningClub created it's first album, This Was In My Head… A Kid's Guide to Getting the Life You Want by Choosing the Right Tool for Every Job, which was released in May 2005. The album provides sixteen peak performance tools; each musical tool creates a musical mantra of cognitive behavioral strategies applied to learning challenges. While young people are enjoying the music, they are also internalizing powerful self-coaching and resilience tools.

This Was In My Head, Vol. 1: Self-Coaching Guide
This Was in My Head Self-Coaching Guide

The Ready4LearningClub Toolkit and Owner's Manual is a self-guided 'how to use the tools' guidebook, appropriate for elementary learners ages 8-12. Interactive activities and applications are included for each of the sixteen musical tools on the This Was In My Head album.


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