Ordering R4LC Products

The Ready4LearningClub is a Georgia State non-profit 501c organization under its parent company, Savannah Community Solutions. Items are tax deductible. Products may be purchased now by calling the R4LC at (912) 507-1483 or emailing us. Products will be available for sale online in the very near future.

Our Products

This Was In My Head
This Was in My Head CD

The Ready4LearningClub created it's first CD, This Was In My Head… A Kid's Guide to Getting the Life You Want by Choosing the Right Tool for Every Job, which was released in May 2005. The CD provides sixteen peak performance tools; each musical tool creates a musical mantra of cognitive behavioral strategies applied to learning challenges. While young people are enjoying the music, they are also internalizing powerful self-coaching and resilience tools.

What About Me

All I Need is My Plan

Today is the Best Day to Succeed

If your device does not support Flash, you can listen to some of our music on our YouTube channel.

This Was In My Head: Self-Coaching Guide
This Was in My Head Self-Coaching Guide

The Ready4LearningClub Toolkit and Owner's Manual is a self-guided 'how to use the tools' guidebook, appropriate for elementary learners ages 8-12. Interactive activities and applications are included for each of the sixteen musical tools on the This Was In My Head CD.

Student Workshops
R4LC singers recording first CD, This Was In My Head, with engineer Doc Stratton

Ready4LearningClub provides emotionally intelligent self-coaching strategies to learners, giving them tools to create their own peak performance learning, every single day. These tools include music, writing, movement, and media technology.

Instructor Training
Instructor training

Ready4LearningClub presents Continuing Education training for educators and administrators, modeling immediately usable and effective Cognitive Behavioral strategies to help students achieve peak performance learning.