What is the R4LC?

Ready4LearningClub provides emotionally intelligent self-coaching strategies to learners, giving them tools to create their own peak performance learning, every single day. These tools include music, writing, movement, and media technology.

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Our Impact

The Ready4LearningClub is creating a documentary, encouraging students to use music and critical thinking tools to create their own success, and to take them wherever they want to go.

An interview with Angela Lindsay about how the R4LC began and why they are making a documentary.

Who's Talking About R4LC

What Students are Saying
"When I have bad stuff in my head I can't listen to my teacher. I can't think about anything I want to think about, until I get it out."
Jimmy H., age 8
What Educators are Saying
"R4LC is another opportunity to demonstrate how the arts can be powerful tools for EXPERIENCING self-empowerment learning STRATEGIES."
J'Miah Nabawi, Family Literacy Coach
R4LC in the News
"An elementary school program creates a CD of student voices that make the tough times easier. Sometimes it's tough getting students ready to learn."
Savannah Morning News