The Ready4LearningClub (R4LC) realizes that many entities such as corporations, businesses, parents with grown children, etc., will not need the product that the R4LC is putting out now directly to students and educational institutions. Our products reinforce students' self-esteem and inoculate them from negative issues such as bullying and other detractors to learning success.

Therefore, we have placed this space for you to make a generous donation, or anything you can, realizing that spending this money on prevention and at an early stage of the child's encounter with school, is likely to smooth that transition, and to produce a GRADUATE!

A GRADUATE is on a totally different life path than the 4th grader who can't read. We produced our first learning and life enhancement CD eight years ago. There are many success stories. One example is a second grader who was heavily bullied and depressed – went home crying everyday. He has now been accepted to every magnet high school to which he applied. With your help many more learners will benefit from these tools. Thanks in advance for your donation.

The Ready4LearningClub is a Georgia State non-profit 501c organization under its parent company, Savannah Community Solutions. Donations are tax deductible.