Joy Lindsay Wogu

Chief Inspiration Officer / Resource Management
Joy Lindsay Wogu

I am excited to be joining the management team of the Ready4LearningClub. I have heard for years the inspiring, uplifting stories of students who find their personal power, from my sister Angela. Angela created the Ready4LearningClub almost ten years ago, to give smart students who were struggling or failing, a way to quickly save themselves. I am thrilled to take a larger role in this process of making survival and success tools accessible to young people, through poetry and music creation.

I believe that my background and professional experiences have prepared me well for my new role as the Chief Inspiration Officer and Resource Management 'go to' person at Ready4LearningClub. I have worked as a registered nurse for over thirty-five years; as a college nursing instructor, a labor and delivery and ICU hospital nurse, and for the majority of those years, a school nurse working with students from preschool through high school.

During those many years of working with young learners who were having some health challenge, either mild and temporary, or chronic and severe, over and over I have witnessed what happens when learners don't have strategies, especially when that lack of strategy combines with health challenges. I have also witnessed first hand what happens when their learning frustration and failure take away their hope. Ready4LearningClub has something that young people cannot get enough of, and that is the power of being able to control and manage their own emotional intelligence through using tools that are always available.

My role at the Ready4LearningClub will be multi-faceted. I will focus on generating and encouraging inspiration for the Ready4LearningClub team, and on Resource Management, human and other. I specialize in inspiring and empowering work teams, and in organizational management. I am excited about this next chapter in my professional and personal life. Nursing has been my professional career, but I've been a writer and lover of words all my life. I've always been amazed at the power of words to transform, for good or ill.

I'm eager to begin working with the Ready4LearningClub, and getting this message and these words out to our young people: You can be anything you want to be, all you need is your plan, and your strategy.

Joy Lindsay Wogu, Chief Inspiration Officer / Resource Management
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