Chinagozi Wogu

R4LC Ambassador / Coordinator of All Things Familial, Cultural & International
Chinagozi Wogu

He learned adversity early in life when at age 15, chaos came to Nigeria, his native country, in the form of the Biafran civil war.

Forced from his home, along with millions of other Biafrans, his survival during that time was due to a series of miracles. He doesn't speak about those days easily, but he remembers the dreadful sound bombs make, whining, as they drop thru the air seconds before exploding close by.

He recalls pushing aside unimaginable filth from the surface of stagnant pond water so he could relieve his thirst just a little. He remembers eating handfuls of dried powdered milk sent by international aid organizations to ease hunger cramps. He hasn't forgotten helping to push the family car after the gas was used up, just so an uncle, dying inside from hepatitis, would not be left behind. He remembers a classmate screaming through an emergency appendectomy because there was no anesthesia.

When peace finally came again, his parents sent him to America to study at university, to prepare his life for service. And he didn't disappoint them. After graduating with a major in chemistry, he worked for a chemical company for a few years before starting his own chemical manufacturing business.

This year marks the 31st continuous year for his business. This business has known much financial success, and also much trial. Its' survival and success - once again miracles.

He has over the years employed US citizens as well as recent immigrants. He sees himself in them again - newly come to America and needing a foothold, but not a handout.

In Ready4LearningClub he realizes an opportunity to give a compass to young people struggling with their own adversities.

His first name? Chinagozi. Its' meaning: God blesses. He likes to emphasize that it is in the continuous, ongoing present tense. Not 'God has blessed', or 'God will bless', but 'God blesses' - in the past, now, and forever.

Chinagozi Wogu, R4LC Ambassador / Coordinator of All Things Familial, Cultural & International
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