Angela Lindsay

Chief Storyteller & Songwriter
Angela Lindsay

Angela Lindsay is an educational psychologist, a certified life coach, a songwriter and a musician. Angela created the Ready4LearningClub, a research-based, emotionally intelligent strategy for peak performance learning. This strategy is delivered through music and writing based community workshops, continuing education workshops for educators and corporate clients, and student success programming.

A member of the faculty at the University of Phoenix and Savannah Technical College, Angela mentors new faculty members and facilitates courses in psychology, academic success, and critical thinking.

She presents community and corporate workshops for all ages, focusing on one word: HOW.

  • HOW to be emotionally intelligent
  • HOW to critically think
  • HOW to build and maintain successful teams
  • HOW to resolve conflict
  • HOW to be academically successful, and
  • HOW to use music as a peak performance tool

Angela's passion is providing individualized solutions to one question: How do you create your best life, when you don't know how?

She loves coaching clients and helping them discover the tools to create their own answers to that 'how' question, by forming individualized strategies for peak performance, everyday.

Reaching your goals is not about being strong on your own; it is about strategically choosing the most effective tools. Those tools will take you anywhere you want to go.

A Message from Angela Lindsay, Creator, Chief Storyteller & Songwriter

The Ready4LearningClub is a strategy for developing and managing emotional intelligence, by using music, writing, movement, and technology. The primary talent and vision I bring to the Ready4LearningClub, is as the chief storyteller and songwriter. The Ready4LearningClub mission of providing emotional intelligence tools is validated and inspired by the stories. Stories of young people, grabbing hold of these tools, to make themselves strong at their broken place. It is my joy and privilege to share powerful true stories about young people finding their way using strategies and tools, and to write music with emotionally intelligent, powerful messages that inspires and helps them along their pathway to success.

There are so many stories that I have been honored to witness, or have shared with me, about the power of these tools and strategies to transform and heal and energize the youth, and the elders that work with and raise them. I use these same tools constantly to stay strong at my own broken place.

I am good at being an artist and an educator, not so much at executive management and the critical business management roles required to get the Ready4LearningClub tools into the hands of as many 'broken place' young people as have need. To handle these roles, I recruited family members who have expertise and successful business management experience. Providentially, it was not difficult to recruit them at all. My brother and sister flew in from California last September to assist with the live taping of the Ready4LearningClub Gordie's Gift documentary, currently in post-production.

After participating in this Ready4LearningClub musical experience and seeing for themselves young people developing emotional intelligence and strong positive power through music, they were eager to become a part of the team. My brother has been a physician in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and my sister is using Ready4LearningClub data for her doctoral dissertation in Public Health. Another sister is a school nurse who has taught nursing, health and wellness, and creative writing. They bring successful management expertise and artistic vision to the mission of getting the Ready4LearningClub message out to all the young people with broken places. I am thrilled and so fortunate to have my family committed to this vision, and working with me and the wonderful Ready4LearningClub team already working in Savannah.

With their much needed management and executive team coordination, the Ready4LearningClub is putting the program together to provide greater accessibility to children who need it. We are improving communications and improving our ability to put more objective evaluation into the program.

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. The idea that our youth require effective, easily self-applied tools to become 'strong in their broken place', so they can go on to productive, successful, happy lives; is an idea whose time has come. We look to connect with those who need, believe in, and can support this mission. If you have a minute, I've got some amazing and true stories I'd like to share.

For our youth, who can become strong, in their broken place,

Angela Lindsay, Creator, Chief Storyteller & Songwriter
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