Al Lindsay, MD

R4LC Photographer & Media Consultant
Al Lindsay

Hi, I'm Angela's brother Al. I'd like to introduce myself, and share a little about the life experiences that have prepared me for my role as the R4LC photographer and media consultant. And then, I'd like to share recent experiences I have had with Ready4LearningClub participants that demonstrate the dramatic effectiveness of this method for enabling emotional intelligence and peak performance learning.

I worked as a physician for 15 years in solo private practice. I have taught new residents at Martin Luther King, Jr. County Hospital in Los Angeles. I have worked with PPLA in women's health care for the last 12 years. I have photo documented our church FoodBank ministry, feeding in excess of 800 hungry people a month.

Why tell you these things?

I think these activities keep me in touch with people, the community, and what works towards the betterment of all concerned. Whether we are Have or Have Not, we are bettered by interaction.

In September 2012, my sister Angela asked me to bring my photographic talents to Savannah to document the Ready4LearningClub. I came prepared to do a favor for her, but the experience of participating in and documenting a Ready4LearningClub musical happening was so intense I'm certain that I was the beneficiary of The Blessing. I will just cover one little chip here.

I was literally thrust into an impromptu video taped interview with a well built and older appearing 13 year old boy and his mother. As I conducted the interview I was amazed as this young man told his story. About 2nd grade he began being a bullied child, coming home crying daily because he was overweight. Then he spoke of the inspirational music that had stuck in his head from the educational CD that my sister had written and produced 7 years ago. The words and catchy tunes had caused him at a point to "man up" (his words), leading to his becoming an athlete and developing self-pride and achievement. His sense of well-being soared. I just learned that he applied and has been accepted to ALL of the magnet high schools in Savannah, from Performing Arts, to Engineering and Math. This young man excels in everything, and confidently manages and grows his emotional intelligence. This is a clear triumph in the life of a young boy who was drowning, and a great inspiration to this mature md/photographer as I heard the emotion in his voice and knew it was coming straight from his soul. Incredible!!!

I was deeply impressed beyond what I thought possible. I have made social consciousness a vocation and a gift in my life, doing 11 straight years in free clinics usually after a full day of surgery and office patients. I often dragged myself in but never had to drag myself out.

As a med student I worked in the jail ward at County General here in Los Angeles. As a mental health specialist before that I worked in detox and substance abuse. Just as in medicine 'an ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure', so it is with the survival and success of our young people. The cure is usually too late and does not work, as is shown by our current punitive legal justice system.

I am still amazed that this Ready4LeaningClub concept actually works, but I have seen the people affected and changed, by these life strategy tools set to music. Somehow these cognitive behavioral life principles are internalized and seem to act as a vaccination against what none of us would have our children contract; the very deadly mindset which causes much pain and suffering and mayhem along its evil way; both to the sufferer, and too many times, to his/her victims.

This kind of work is uplifting in itself. I have signed on hook, line and sinker for advancing the Ready4LearningClub program. The strategies work fast, and maintain long-term effectiveness, as longitudinal anecdotal studies have shown, even 5-7 years after participation.

Look at the repetitive school shootings, which are becoming epidemic. There are under reported homicides in our poorer, less resourced areas that add up to far greater numbers than the big news stories. This is so horrible.

We are split politically, economically, racially, educationally, judicially, and spiritually. Could it be that the culprit is a state of mind gone very wrong and in need of a cure at the basic level? Could the cure truly be something as simple as just teaching kids to strategically use music and words as emotional survival and life success tools? Could this provide our kids with a 'vaccination' against even implanted mental viruses? We're getting ready to find out.

Most sincerely,

Al Lindsay, MD, R4LC Photographer & Media Consultant
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