The Ready4LearningClub Vision

A generation using tools, critical thinking, and strategy to create productive, successful, happy lives

The Ready4LearningClub is a backpack, for your mind. Just like a physical backpack carries important physical tools for learning, the Ready4LearningClub provides learners with essential mental and emotional tools for successful peak performance learning.

Every learner prefers to learn and interact with their world through seeing, hearing, or physically connecting with it. Many learners who are failing don't know their preferred learning style, so they try to learn, using someone else's learning style instead of their own. They don't learn at the high level they could, if they knew how to incorporate their learning style into their daily learning strategy. The Ready4LearningClub strategies identify and activate the preferred learning styles of learners.

These daily ready for learning strategies also provide the mental/emotional equivalent of warm-ups and stretching exercises, just like runners do, before beginning a run. The Ready4LearningClub delivers these strategies through music, writing, movement, and media technology peak performance experiences and tools.

Peak performance learning does not happen, unless the learner is ready to learn. Tragically, many learners don't know How to get ready to learn. They fail to learn at high levels, not because they can't, but because they don't know How to activate their unique and individual learning core for peak performance.

The missing HOW is the Ready4LearningClub focus.